Phd thesis list of tables

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How to Write Your Thesis

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Manual for Formatting the Figures and the List of Figures in the Thesis or Dissertation Manual for Formatting the Tables and the List of Tables in the Thesis or Dissertation.

LaTeX table of contents, list of figures/tables and some customizations

The formatting requirements for figures and tables and their respective lists are the same. After a Table of Contents, most theses also include a List of Tables and a List of Figures.

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To make compiling this list less difficult, you can use a specific kind of label each time you insert tables and figures that will allow you to generate the list automatically in Word. Additional search options.

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THESIS AND DISSERTATION SERVICES. Welcome to Thesis and Dissertation Services. We are here to help you produce a high-quality and properly documented thesis, dissertation, or record of study. Formatting Your CSULB Master's Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation: List of Tables, List of Figures This guide is designed to help you format your manuscript using the official University Guidelines Manual and the style guide approved by your department as part of the requirements for a graduate level degree at California State University, Long Beach.

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Phd thesis list of tables
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How to Write a Thesis