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If you’re a WordPress user and you haven’t heard of Thesis, the innovative theme by DIYthemes, you should definitely check it may not be the most striking theme you’ve ever seen, but Thesis isn’t about design, it’s about creating an innovative framework for others to build upon.

Thesis theme is the best wordpress theme to use for both business websites and personal blogs. Thesis theme enables you to manage every detail of sites and design with three vital features that. This page and theme are out of date.

View our current Wordpress themes here. With over 53, installations at the time of writing this updated review, Thesis by DIYthemes is perhaps the most popular WordPress theme ever. Yes! As long as you have an active Thesis Basic or Basic Plus license, you can upgrade to Thesis Professional for the difference in cost between the two licenses ($ for Basic to Professional, $33 for Basic Plus to Professional).

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Thesis theme by diythemes
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